Burning Stars Fade - EP

by Astronomique

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released May 20, 2014

Logan Andra Fongemie: Vocals, keyboards, lyrics, artwork
Sean Hogan: Guitar, vocals
Mitch Billings: Drums
Luke Parrott: Bass (Track 3)
Adam Tucker: Bass (Tracks 1,2,4,5)
Produced, recorded, and mastered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording
Design by Logan Andra Fongemie



all rights reserved


Astronomique Minneapolis, Minnesota

ASTRONOMIQUE arose out of inspiration from the ‘60s-throwback psychedelic artwork of vocalist/keyboardist, Logan Andra Fongemie. Joined by Sean Hogan on guitar/vocals and Mitch Billings on drums, the trio envisioned a soundtrack to compliment their visual component. Namely, a nouveau approach toward New Wave synthpop, inspired by The Cure, Depeche Mode, A Flock of Seagulls, and outerspace itself. ... more

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Track Name: Shaded Gray
Aching breath, pounding hearts
As we embrace
Bodies move together
Memories erased

You are the moon
I'm the blushing sky
As you fade into night
I slowly die

You lay there
Breathing her air
I sit on my throne
In a life that I'll only live alone
You and I both just
We both just fade to dust

Swirling dreams
Dying fast to dead
Thunder claps crashing
Inside my head

I'd kiss you
Hold you as you sleep
I can do it better than she can
Your emotions will not be cheap
You and I both just
We both just fade to dust

Raindrops pouring from the sky
Meet the rivers in my eyes
Join to form a flooding tide
To drown the emptiness inside

All I do now is walk away
Back to my world shaded gray
Your words of indifference on replay
You and I both just
We both just fade to dust
Track Name: Push Rewind
Pull my eyelids open
Prop them with shards of glass
Dream in technicolor
Of a dying past

Mold myself out of clay
To waste time while you're away
Flatten me out where I lay
Not worth your time to play

To step toward something new
I would break or come unglued
Sense of self so misconstrued
Stuck in a box, waiting for you

Put me back together
To prepare for coming apart
A nail gun and scotch tape
To mend a torn heart

If I could live and see
Part of you inside me
Suffocating as I breathe
No hope for me to leave

So lost and left behind
Turn back clocks, push rewind
Trapped alone inside time
I'm rooted here, growing vines

What the hell have I done
So trashed and feeling strung
Empty as the eyes you've drawn
And erased one by one

Lock my love in a box
And throw away the key
As you go, in here I know
Your heart wasn't meant for me
Track Name: Pretend We're Stars
Pink fades to night
On our backs
Looking at the sky

Wrapped in each other
And the grass
Watching stars collide

Talking of sci-fi
Planets reflecting in your eyes
I would waste my night
Lost inside this dream world
'Til it grows light

Here you're so alive
You're someone
Intelligent and wise

Not like real life
Where you try so hard
Only to go unnoticed

I'm a failure too
Lame and small
But I notice you
Fuck the daylight
Pretend we're stars
Fall over each other all night

Now we're so cool
Part of it all
Until the moon
Starts to fade out
Thought we saw God
But it was just a satellite
Track Name: Painting Silhouettes
You make a perfect portrait
Placed just out of reach
I am printed grayscale
Chasing color for you

She is stick figures of insecurity
Lead easily
You will find that subordination
Just leads to boredom

Is she inadequate
Like you had wanted
Just a warm body
To take up space
A smudge for her face
It'll pass
Patience with imperfection won't last

I'm sorry you felt so lonely
Thinking that you're only
Worthy as some front you throw down
When you're authentic and smart

Did you know I love you
All I am now is fading memories
Grown see-through
Just one more fan
Painting silhouettes in your head
Haunting you while you lie in her bed

You stayed back
Fell inside
The hole you dug outside the lines
Now you'll search
But you won't find
What you lost back in time
Track Name: The Rawest Nerve
Scraps of torn cloth
Form a flag
Caught in the wind
Surrendering to the lost
Worthlessness within

All dreams are fashioned
From validation
Flirting with the needle
Your date waiting inside
Passing the time
Lost in your mind
Chasing a feeling
You're trying to find

It's the rawest nerve
The highest low
You've become a shadow
Drops of regret
Leak from open wounds
Too deep to see

You'll soon feel alright
Drowning another night
Laid up and pale
In the cold moonlight
Passing the time
(Dead eyes with no sight)
Lost in your mind
Chasing a feeling
You're trying to find

Piece by piece you fall
A mountain of sand
Your trembling hands
Reach for the cure
Take your last stand

Wasting each day
Trying to escape
From some crude angel
Dancing in your veins
Face to the floor
(Can't stop wanting more)
Your life torn
Now you remain
A slave bound by her chains