Astronomique EP

by Astronomique

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Logan Andra Fongemie: Vocals, keyboards, lyrics, artwork
Sean Hogan: Guitar, vocals
Mitch Billings: Drums
Produced and recorded by by Knol Tate
Mastered by Mikey Young
Design by Logan Andra Fongemie


released April 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Astronomique Minneapolis, Minnesota

ASTRONOMIQUE arose out of inspiration from the ‘60s-throwback psychedelic artwork of vocalist/keyboardist, Logan Andra Fongemie. Joined by Sean Hogan on guitar/vocals and Mitch Billings on drums, the trio envisioned a soundtrack to compliment their visual component. Namely, a nouveau approach toward New Wave synthpop, inspired by The Cure, Depeche Mode, A Flock of Seagulls, and outerspace itself. ... more

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Track Name: Masquerade
Broken mirrors forming a crown
Sad parody of your life now
Eyes open wide
Pale lips revealing
A gleaming shred of honesty

Beneath this comical facade
Of confidence and grace
Bare bones, illusion gone
Of thinking you've moved on
To some forgotten place
Traded for his face
But time cannot erase
Another's place

You can't withhold
Words still untold
Or keep pulling back
A tongue bitten black
Has he replaced
Visions of your face
Cuz his still haunts
This empty space

That day you stepped aside with pride
While inside you died
Thinking it was smart
To slice your own heart
Walked out from the wreck
A stain on your chest
Drifting around now
Alive but beating less
Track Name: Like Junkies
Come here
Beneath your clothes
Show me your soul
While night burns through
This broken room
Time never moves
Like our bodies do
We want it bad
Like junkies

Trapped in bliss
It's mirrored in your eyes
You've let down your guard
Now drop your disguise
Cuz you know I'm real
Deep down in your soul
You know I'm the one
Who can make you whole

Can't stop
Our breath turns raw
Here on the floor
Anything you want
Behind locked doors
Down on our knees
We're victims of our instincts now
Like junkies

So have no fear
Of what you've come to adore
Fate has lead us here
Where we're begging for more
Our mouths open wide
Like we're drowning in
An ocean tide of blessed sin
Track Name: Astronomique
Past reality
Outside of time
We find what's real
Before life was only vast stillness
We awaken behind closed eyes
Infinity expanding
Float among the stars

Tiny glowing sparks in the universe
Is all we are
Knowing that love is what matters
Brings light from dark
Through dreaming we see
We're supposed to be
Undivided souls
Prisms of light
Streaming energy

Through silence comes the perfect song
Embedded with dreams and worlds unseen
Deep and cool like the sea
Arms open wide
Hold my breath
Fall inside

The end becomes its beginning
No duality
We are only one
Track Name: Until Daylight
The day you fell beyond the earth
Through my arms
Like a shooting star
You left this world

On a moonlit night
I close my eyes
Miss you so
Can I go find you in space and time

While sleep creeps up on me
You arrive in dreams
It seems you're so alive

We spent the night
Studying each other's smile lines
The echo of my pain
Only a distant cry
Looked at the sky
While burning comets drifted by
Like satellites that disappear with daylight

Although when I wake, you're gone
I can still see you in the night sky above
Your eyes drawn by stars
Smile like the sun
My constellation

Stripped from this world
You were sent out there into the blue
From that day on
I'll stay right here and wait for you
I promised I'd love you
'Til the planets all stand still
And break the bonds of time
To be with you, I will
Track Name: All Real Things
Raindrops pound the windowpane
Would you have a switch to turn the day
A different shade of faded gray
Turned inside out a love like ours
Guess all real things fall apart

Why did you bail out
So discouraged into the night
Acting like things
Never seem to turn out right
You walked away
Without any backward glance
No change of heart
No taken chance
Could this be the end

I feel empty as a fired gun
That shot down a bleeding sun
Now I'm the mess that's left
When the cleaning's done

Well you act like
You get off on self pity
Relationships can't be built on sympathy
Manipulation isn't free
You're just acting
You don't fool me
You've got plenty of other ladies

Can't you see that I'm in pain
Put on this face for you

What's with the effort
When it never seems really true

Won't you believe me
That you are where I want to be

It's not me
It's attention
That you forever seek
Track Name: The Shape You Take
Here we are
Tonight is all that matters
No future, no past
This moment hangs forever
As if in a trance
While the beat pounds all around us
Our bodies move in time
I dig the shape you take
In the half light

I could lead you into the dark
To be alone with our beating hearts
We need to push through the crowd
Find a place with no one around

Flashing lights
I watch shifting colors
Play across your face
Our bodies twist
Aligning in a tight embrace
You press yourself against me
Our chemicals combine
I catch a glimpse
Of heaven in your eyes